Utility Poles
A) Wood Poles

Misr Trade is a leading supplier of "Treated Wood Poles" for overhead
power & telecommunication lines.

Wood poles are supplied in lengths from 7 meters to over 20 meters.

Our wood poles meet the highest requirements of the relevant wood
pole specifications adopted worldwide such as:

  • American National Standard ANSI 05.1
  • British Standard 1990
  • Norme Francaise C 67-100
  • German Standard DIN 48-100
  • European EN 351. as well as many others.
  1. Easy to handle.
  2. Tough.
  3. Easily workable.
  4. Maintenance free.
  5. Economical.
  6. Safe in use.
  7. Long service life.


B) Steel Poles





Misr Trade have supplied steel poles to the energy industry worldwide in a large
range of applications.

Distribution & Transmission Poles
Our ranges of distribution poles are used for low,medium & high voltage overhead

We offer poles in different heights as per the design requirements and in voltages
up to 230 KV in single and double circuit categories.

We supply poles hot dip galvanized in a bath of molten Zinc or any other special
coating required by the customer.

We can supply the following types of Steel Poles:

  • High Mast Lights
  • Street Lamps
  • Courtyard Lamps
  • Lawn Lamps
  • Special Poles. Traffic Poles
  • Landscape Lights
  • Lamps Series
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