Piping Bulk Materials

Pipes in seamless , SAW, DSAW, ERW,and HFI
A whole range of seamless and welded can be supplied from stock, or manufactured to your own specification. for example:
-carbon steel pipes, for pipeline to API 5L, pressure purposes to ASTM A53, A 106, A672, for low pressures to ASTM A333, A671;
-austenitic steel pipes, for high temperature and general corrosive, to ASTM a312, A358.

  • Grades:
    - Gr B, Gr 1, Gr 3, P1, P5, P9, P11, P22;
    - 303,304,304L,304H, 316, 316L,316H, 321,347,410S;
    - Monel, Inconel,Incolloy,Hastelloy;
    - Duplex pre 31-35.

Seamless and welded pipe fittings

Seamless and welded fittings, in size from 1/8" to 24" and larger, from stock or manufactured to your own specification. We offer
-carbon steel sour service;
-low alloy high temp;
-3.5 nickel;
-austenitic 304/316/321/347;
-high nickel alloy;
-Cu-Ni 90;
-duplex pre 31-35;
-super duplex pre 40.

Flanges from 1/8" to 48" in all types: slip on, welding neck, socket welding, screwed, spectacles, spaded, orifices, long welding necks. ratings from 150 lbs to 2500 lps.

  • Grades:
    -304/L, 310, 316/L, 321/H, 347/H;
    -A 105, LF1, LF2, LF3;
    -F1, F5, F9, F11, F12, F22, F52, F60;
    -F44 & F51;
    -Alloy 200,400,600,625,800,825.

Screwed, socket weld and outlet fittings

We supply elbows, tees, full couplings, caps, plugs, bushings, hex nipples, unions, bosses, conc. Swage nipples weldolts, sockolets, thredolets,

Nipolets, latrolets and elbowelts. Ratings: 150lps, 3000lps, 6000lps and sizes 1/8" to 4" NB. Thread forms include: API <BSPP< BSPT < NPT. All in the same grades as our flanges.


Gaskets, seals, hoses and couplings

We have in stock camprofile gaskets, ring type joints, spiralwound gaskets, metal jacketed gaskets, graphite gaskets, PTFE steel lined gaskets, jointing material, PTFE sealing tape. Plus; chemical hoses, oil and petrol hoses, bulk hoses, hoses for beverages and foodstuffs, hydraulic hoses, steam, air and water hoses, couplings, connectors and accessories.


Instrumentation equipment, valves and manifolds

IPS-Trade.com puts together complete instrumentation packages. These can comprise, for example: a range of high integrity valves and manifolds in most materials, including 316SS Monel 400, carbon steel, brass, hastalloy. Equipment to suit working pressure up to 20.000 Psi. Male and female ends NPT, Distribution BSPT, BSPP
socket weld and butt weld. Compression ends are also standard. manifolds, available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit any requirements.
We supply twin and single ferruls compression fittings in 316 stainless, aluminum, bronze, cupronickel, Monel 400, carbon steel, brass and hastalloy.

Gate, globe, ball, check, and butterfly valves

We provide access to a larges stock of valves for immediate delivery: gate globe, check, ball, butterfly valves and Y-type strainers, in carbon and stainless steels, cast as well as forged.
Beside standard valves, IPS-Trade.com offers valves in exotic materials and of specific design. If not from our own stock, we will find a manufacturer and deliver within days. All valves meet API, ANSI, BS or DIN standards. Sizes from 1/8" up to , 24", class 150 ibs - 2500 ips. Staubolts can be supplied to ASTM A 193-B7, A320-L7, A193-B8, A193-B8T, A193-B8T Class2, in every length and size, in every quality or quantity with the necessary certificates, within 24 hours.

Electrical equipment

IPS-Trade can provide on ex-stack basis a comprehensive range of power, control and instrumentation cable. an in depth stock of associated installation is also kept.
Aside from our portfolio of conventional cable types, we have invested in an exhaustive range of cables for various applications including flame retardant, fire resistant, low smoke and zero halogen products. We can also offer our clients cables designed to meet invaluable specifications.

Backed by a network of locations in Western Europe, we have the ability to dispatch materials, ensuring that the immediate and ongoing needs of our clients are mett-worldwide.all and accessories provided by IPS- Trade.com comply fully with European, British and International standards.

Hot rolled plates, beams and structural steels

Shipbuilding steel Grades: Certificates:
Non alloy structural steels S253JRG2 (Rst 37-2) EN

Weathering resistant steels
S253JRG3 (St 37-3N) EN
Galvanizing steels S275JRG3 (St44-3N) EN
Offshore structure steels
S355JRG3 (St 52-3N)
Lamellar treading resistant steels Shipbuilding Quality Grade A EN
Steels with improved cold forming properties Shipbuilding Quality Grade B EN 1020/3.1.C
High strength fine grain steels, normalized P265JRGH (H11) EN
Quenched & tempered high strength steels P265JRGH (17Mn4) EN
Age- hardening steels P355NL 1/NH (W/T/STE 355) EN
Low alloy pressure vessel steels SA 285 Grade C EN
Chromium molybdenum alloy steels for high temperature pressure vessels SA 516 Grade 60 EN
Nickel alloy steels for low temperature pressure vessels AISI 304/L EN
Ferritic stainless steel AISI 316/L EN 10204/3.1.B
Martenestitc stainless steel    
Austenitic stainless steel    

Compression fittings
We supply twin and single ferrule compassion fittings in 316 stainless, aluminum, bronze cupronickel, Monel 400, carbon steel brass and hastalloy.




High Quality dished ends for vessel construction, tank contraction or boiler construction

Plates of any grade suitable for fabrication are made into ends special pressings. This applies to plates, fine grained structural and CrNI steels.

Our program includes:
" Klopperform'type ends of grades RST 37-2, Hill; 4301.1.4541, 1.4571, 304L, 316 having a diameter up to 1200mm can be delivered from stock.

Hot pressing range (deep drawing):
  • Dished ends, klopperform type and all other types up to a 2000mmm and a thickness of 120mm.
  • Hemispheres pressed in one single unit, up to a 1600mm and a wallthickness of 100mm.
Cold-forming (dishing and flanging):
  • klopperform type as well as any other types of ends in excess of 2000mm and up to a wallthickness of 35mm.
  • Dished ends whose inserted round is larger than the maximum width of a rolled, two piece or multiple piece welded.
  • Dished ends hemispheres in excess of 8000mm and 1600mm, respectively, welded and combining spherical crowns and segments.
Tubing and multitudes
Tubing, in stainless steel, to ASM A269, in imperial and metric sizes, plain and PVC coated. Typing in carbon steel to DIN, in imperial and metric sizes. Copper tube- plain PVC coated. Nylon - PVC Polyethylene tube. Tube bundles in the above mentioned materials, also available with steam or heat tracing.


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